The Dangers of Bootcamp!

Well the new year is well and truly over. The excuse of holiday events is no longer in the way of starting the ‘brand new body’ that we continue to promise ourselves each year. What are the gyms telling us? Bootcamp! Problem #1. It’s the cool thing to SMASH your body to the point where you can’t get up off the toilet these days. The truth is that as a physio, all I’m seeing is that not every body shape can handle the rigorous challenges and exercises that the fitness industry throws at us. Inevitably, this adds turmoil to our already conflicted belief about exercise – I know it’s good for me, but when my body has all these aches, pains and injuries showing up everywhere, is it really that good for me? In saying this, there really are people out there who thrive on the bootcamp stye of exercise…

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