Pain has a different story for everyone

Scientists and health professionals know a lot more about pain than even a few years ago. It’s now known that pain is not a measure of tissue damage within our body, but is a way for the brain to protect us! When the body thinks we’re under threat, feelings such as pain are produced so that we (hopefully) change our actions and behaviour to protect our body from damage.

Pain following an injury protects us primarily by encouraging us to stop and rest – giving the body adequate time for tissue repair and healing to occur. Sometimes, however, despite adequate time for tissue recovery, pain doesn’t get better and the relationship between ‘threat, tissue damage and pain’ are altered.

Scientists now believe that the more often we have pain, the better our brain gets at construction pain. We also know that pain is a very personal experience, so things like stress, social life, family factors and feeling anxious or depressed will be reflected in the amount of pain reported – regardless of the actual severity of the injury!

Overall, pain is important to protect our body, however it can be influenced by a number of factors. Bottom line is that if you are experiencing pain, get it checked by your health professional so that you can have all the contributing factors addressed!

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About Claire

Claire has over 15 years experience working across a variety of settings and provides a dynamic physiotherapy service for the Port Hedland community.

As one of the female practicing therapists in town, she also specialises in Women’s Heath as well as pre and post Pregnancy care.

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