As a Woman In Business, Who is Claire Sobolewski?

For those who haven’t met her, Claire Sobolewski, aka ‘Physio Claire’ is the founder and principal physiotherapist for PHYSIOlogical Training Physiotherapy. Working with her small team from their clinic on Anderson Street in Port Hedland, their focus is primarily on injury prevention and management for clients to get the most out of their fitness and life in general!

Practicing in town since 2011, local awareness of Claire’s clinic has grown since their October 2018 move to the Anderson Street practice. Their exceptional health-driven team includes the talent of Kira Vikstrom, Physiotherapy Assistant and Massage Therapist, who moved from Broome to join the team in October. Kira loves working with individuals as part of 1:1 fitness training with clients, in addition to her now highly sought after massage therapy skills! Kirsty Jerrard has come all the way from London with her partner who is working with RFDS out of Hedland. She has 9 years of physiotherapy experience and is enjoying her Australian outback adventure working part-time with the PHYSIOlogical Training team. Kirsty’s infectious enthusiasm and laugh has her clients as excited about returning to ideal health as much as she is! The team also now has the added bonus of having Olivia Johnston, Remedial Massage Therapist, working with them on Saturdays.

Claire herself has been a physiotherapist for over 13 years, moving to Hedland in 2011 after working several years in Sydney. Realising the need for individualised and professional fitness training in her new home town, she developed a passion to help local women not only get into, but also maintain their peak fitness potential with small group cardio training and Swiss Ball pilates classes. Eight years on, she has developed a strong reputation as being an exceptional therapist, motivator, trainer and speaker and has her own practice!

Claire’s emphasis in treating clients and teaching groups is always based on people understanding the basis behind pain and injury management. ‘It is through basic understanding that people can be empowered to use techniques to manage their own pain, creating for themselves a pain-free life and avoiding the need for dependence on constant health professional intervention’. Named ‘the anti-therapist’ by world-renowned author and life coach Tony Robbins (during a year-long self-development sabbatical with the entrepreneur in 2013), Claire’s passion for digging deep for the root cause of people’s pain and discomfort is the essence of her therapy technique.

It is through her own business journey that Claire has experienced the entrepreneurial challenges that face all business owners, but as a woman in particular. ‘People are still surprised to learn when they come to the clinic, or when I am doing a site visit educating a team of workers, that the company logo I have on my shirt is actually my very own creation’. ‘I believe that International Women’s Day is a well-deserved nod to the many women breaking stereotypes every single day across the world, but especially so for us where the stereotypes surrounding the roles of women in mining towns such as ours can still be so surprisingly prevalent’.

Claire strongly believes that ‘women are taking on more prominent roles business than every before and with every female standing at the front of a company, we are opening the eyes of not only our business peers, but teaching our younger generations what can be achieved! To see something done before your eyes transforms your imagination and reality of what is possible. If I can be an example of leading my own business and actively being the creator of my own success, for even just a handful of young women, I feel that my hard work is of even more value.’

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